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embrace it. fear it.
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chunsa // scream
Today is MONDAY. Or wait, is it already Tuesday morning? Haha! I don't care! Been home for a whole hour now and I can't wait to start liveblogging! It's 11:55 PM and I'm currently loading all the youtube links, lest the net goes stupid on me again. HAHA. Also, will be downloading the HQ RAW after the youtube links are all loaded, hehe, I learn from my mistakes! 8D AND NOW, WE START LIVEBLOGGING! HURRAY~♥

Goo Jun Pyo call me, Jan Di's in trouble.Collapse )

Dang. Is is just me or did you also feel that the episode was a bit...fast? Weird. But I love it nonetheless, I guess it was just the shock, since we all got off from a perfect Episode 9 and 10, so well. Hehe. I daresay though, it just...gets better and better 8D


KIMBUM GET WELL SOON ♥ SO EUN IS WAITING FOR YOU~ We are all waiting for you! Take care lots okay?? ♥♥♥
chunsa // scream
Somebody reported Arashi.Vox.Com for subbing Kkotboda Namja. WHAT THE FUCK?! I don't even know how to react to this properly, I keep cursing that person in my head. This hasn't happened to her yet! I mean, Arashi.Vox.Com/Jeannie (I don't really know how her name is spelled so, umm, sorry XD) has been doing everything that's good and she isn't getting paid for her subs and she helps all those non-korean speaking folks to understand the story and get to watch it even if we're not in Korea. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT PERSON'S PROBLEM?! I really don't get it.

I'm so sad right now. I'm still going to flail like whoa on Kkotboda Namja every single Monday and Tuesday, but it's not the same without the subs that Arashi.Vox.Com does :'( I hope she gets to find a solution to this, I'm sure she still wants to help us all out. She said she would. Everyone who uses Arashi.Vox.Com's subs, please go to her site and tell her how thankful you are! She needs it. FULL SUPPORT! ♥


http://arashi.vox.com/library/post/return.html <-- YEY!
chunsa // scream
OMG. I will not do anymore introductions of me getting home from work and all that crap, the youtube links are out and I am currently downloading the HQ RAW in torrent, I'm about to go crazy right now, so on to the epic insanity! LIVEBLOGGING BEGINS PROPERLY NAO!

She's the one who stole my heart and never gave it back.Collapse )

I don't know what to feel about this episode. One minute I was laughing, one minute I was about to cry, one minute I was giggling, one minute I wanna punch the screen. Dang this was one heck of a rollercoaster ride! WOOT. I can't believe I have to wait AGAIN, till monday comes. Dang. Who waits for mondays to come?! Gawd, who else but us 꽃보다 남자 lovers! DANG! *sulks in one corner*
chunsa // scream
I wrote this last night. I didn't get to liveblog because my internet decided to be such a Ga Eul-Exboyfriend-Kind-Of-Asshole that it didn't connect when I needed it to. You'll find out in the liveblog. OMG. Anyway, here it goes:

So, I just got home from work, like, 10 minutes, and I'm infront of the PC, immediately checking hydkorea  and soompi's BOF thread for links to Episode 9. I am seriously addicted it's not even funny. So so, I saw the links to Soompi for Youtube and the link to the torrent, but what the hell, my internet just... died on me. WHAT IS THIS IN JUSTICE?! WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG?! I only loaded part 1/7 of the youtube link. I wanna celebrate and kill off my provider at the same time. UGH.

ANYWAY! I shall liveblog no matter what! So here goes! Heh. WARNING! We all know the epic goodness of this episode so beware of insanity overload. Thank you for reading in advance, you are truly love ♥

There is a person here right now who's completely stolen my heart, I will be performing my heart for that person.Collapse )


chunsa // scream
I was so tired from work I slept the very moment I arrived. I'm even in my work clothes when I woke up. Dang it. So I missed all the fun of waiting for the raws at youtube.com and at viikii.net and downloading the HQ RAW. Ugh. Next week I'll do that again, it's so much fun spazzing, lol. So anyway, the only happy thing about it now is that the english hardsubbed for Episode 8 is out! I am so happy! Watching now and liveblogging! =D

I have a lot of things to say to you. I have a lot of things to fight with you about. I have a lot of things to teach you. Collapse )

Okay, I totally flailed and spazzed alot in this episode. Seriously EPIC. I can't wait till monday. ZOMG. I am so happy to have watched it in english hard subbed! Hurraayyy! Now downloading episode 7 hardsubbed along with the HQ raw to episode 8. Hehe. I am that insane. OMG. Where is the REAL previews for episode 9!!!!!!!!!! DAAANNNNGGG IITTTT. Now I'm super hungry. LOL.
chunsa // scream
I slept the whole day so I can be awake to watch this, liveblog, cry, lol, laugh, and to go to work straight tomorrow morning. HAHA. Shucks. So yes, here we go again! Currently downloading the HQ raw through torrent, bahaha, epic epic epic, so before I finish watching through either viikii.net / youtube.com I'll be watching the HQ raw already. Oh DSL how I love you so! ^^

It's not too late, just say it once, just say you like me...Collapse )

TODAY IS TUESDAY I AM SO HAPPY I WILL WATCH EPISODE 8 LATER! BAHAHAHA 8D And then I'll be problematizing about Monday to come again. GAH. This series is driving me crazy! AISH. I'll go eat now hehe ^^v
chunsa // scream
So I had to rush to watch this thing. HAHA. Anyway I'm not suppose to liveblog, but I can't help it. So now I'm going to! Mind you there's no subtitles yet at the moment, and I'm currently watching the LQ one in YOUTUBE, but I'm downloading the HQ raw at the moment. HAHA. Subs will be out tomorrow, courtesy of Arashi @ Vox. Love her. Episode 6 with English Hardsubs is out! Watch/Download it here! Anyway, on to the liveblog!

Episode 6, Rambling, I mean, Liveblogging.Collapse )

Okay, I'm done, it took me hours to get this over with lol. I'll go back to work now.
19th-May-2008 12:56 am - [ O R A N G E M I N I O N S ]
chunsa // scream
Everytime we get together, I feel like I belong to a girl group. HAHA. It's most probably the clothes, or the way we act, haha, or most probably because we are...in our own ways... and that's not bragging or anything btw, that's just how we are~ And I love how we are, despite the many crazy antics, and the weird ways we have...this is us and I'm damn proud of it.


Rhanie / le_byul's going back to the province on the 21st and I have no idea how we're going to go on our ways after that. Especially me and Nerie / jangneri. We're so used to having Rhanie around, and most of the time, we just go crazy whenever she's not around, I do remember being depressed for a long time before...I don't want that to happen again. But I guess, we're old enough to stand on our feet now, we'd get through this, it's not like Rhanie's going to be very far really, as I told Nerie, 'Best, I think we'd be flying to Cagayan De Oro again...' to which my dearest Bestfriend-OB1 replied, 'I know.' Haha. We will be there where you are cuz, no matter what... ^^

It'll just be so weird not having the 6 around in Manila, you know, THIS CLOSE. But I guess in time we will have to go on our own ways, fulfill our dreams, I know we have one that includes all 6, but we also have one that only have just one person in it. Like i want to go to the United Nations and volunteer one day...I can't really drag the girls to that can I? So as early as now, we'd learn to be BIT away from each other, there's always the internet really, and SRSLY, CDO is not so far away~ If I can go to Korea, I certainly can go there in a heartbeat. And it's time for Meg / parkchoongjae to visit CDO anyway, hahaha, and all of us, Gab / miyawoks, Kate / hunted_cat, Nerie and I have to go back there too... ^^ So see, we'd be together soon enough.

Here's to more wonderful days...cheers!

14th-May-2008 02:58 pm - My Dearest Andy,
leesunho // breathe
I believe you.

Your Cherry,
chunsa // scream
There's no words. HAHAHA. Gawd so funny.
I was forced to have this picture taken thank you very much.

But he's a kind lad. Reminds me of Wannie for some reason though. HAHA!!!

Gawd I gotta go to work now. HAH.

I shall be back to update the Korea trip, FINALLY, and then some more pics on my weekend ^^
Sorry you have to wait, if you were waiting, lol. <33
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