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{ 천사 owns 선호 }
embrace it. fear it.
April 17th, 2017 
shinhwa // forever

In all truth, I cannot for the life of me, create any proper entry in my head to compose my thoughts and my feelings for what you have dropped today. My mind is a disaster, I feel like I cannot work nor think straight today, or actually for the days to come. I may be alright after a few weeks, but then I will reset big time on July 1, the date you have announced to finally tie the knot.

Don't get me wrong Hyung, I am very happy for you. If I put everything aside and think of you as nothing else but Eric Mun, I am very happy for you. I am glad that you have found the one you feel and think would make you eternally happy. It has been such a long wait for you and I know you have gone through so much. You deserve this. You have finally found happiness Hyung, Congratulations!


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